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About Infinikidz

Infinikidz Preschool is started in 2015 in Nashik and became the most favorite preschool for kids and most preferred choice for Parents. Infinikidz is the pioneer preschool to introduce and run successfully “Mother Toddler Program” we are the legal copy right holder for this program for north of Maharashtra.
Infinikidz is born out of years of desired research and personal experiences of study pattern used in India. Looking at the need of study patterns and confidence building in our next generation from the early age Infinikidz have decided to come up with its unique culture of Mother Toddler and Pre-School programs which deals with kidz brain and logical development.

We work individually on every kid to nurture his/her confidence by working on their brain and logical developments. We work with parents on tuning into key roles which enable them to bring out the infinite potentials of their kidz, it also enables parents to add value in kid’z growth from very early stage. We live in a complex and evolving world: a world without geographic boundaries, a world of great environmental change, a world of haves and have nots, and a world where change is the only constant. It is imperative that global citizens of tomorrow come equipped with the evolved mindsets, knowledge and skill needed to flourish in such an environment. We seek to develop kidz who are open minded, inquisitive, creative, enthusiastic, independent, persistent and courageous. Our programs are based on supporting the kidz need to explore.

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The Facilitators plan activities and help shape the environment in order to provide a rich atmosphere in which the kidz can play and discover. We aspire to provide opportunities for kidz to understand themselves in the context of the broader world around them. Not only do we help establish concrete links between their worlds and the worlds of other individuals, but we also believe in celebrating and embracing differences. For example, we celebrate cultural and religious differences through various festivals, events and activities. We celebrate linguistic differences and adopt a multi-language approach in our schools. Kidz are not part of a sheltered school environment but, active members of society who have a greater responsibility to the community in which they live in and to the world at large. As such, our kidz undergo field trips and schools forge partnerships with broader groups undertaking social work in the community at large. At Infinikidz, we take great pride in the exceptional quality of our teachers. We seek out individuals with a love for kidz, a passion for learning and an ability to teach, supported by professional qualifications and experience. Each and every teacher is selected through a rigorous recruitment process. On joining our pre-schools, teachers undergo expansive training. This is followed by regular trainings on a variety of subjects throughout the school year. They establish specific goals for their kidz, as well as how they will teach. They make decisions about learning experiences, resources, design, location of the learning environment, routines, group interactions and strategies for assessment. Our teachers are lifelong learners themselves. Continuously guided, coached and encouraged.

Infinikidz provides kidz with much more than a safe and secure environment. Here each kid feels comfortable to explore, discover, challenge and understand their physical worlds, without fear. To us, a kid’z health and safety is of prime importance.

  • P&T Colony, Sharanpur Road, Nashik
  • Kala Nagar, Jail Road, Nashik
  • Coming Soon – Primary School with Gurukul Education Pattern