Ayesha Sarang

  • Founder – Infinikidz Preschool & Mother Toddler Program
  • Parenting & Early Childhood Care Councilor
  • Degree holder of Early Childhood Care and Education, Mumbai University
  • Masters in Child and Adolescent Psychology, Symbiosis University, Pune
  • Diploma - Montessori course from AMI – Ratan Tata Institute, Mumbai
  • Diploma - Jolly Phonic & Jolly Music, Mumbai
  • 2 Levels of Courses in Pranic Healing & Psycho Therapy
Ayesha Sarang

A born leader and master in the field of education. Ayesha is having incredible experience and immense hold on kidz developments activities. Since the day she was pursuing her degree she started working with kidz and recognized institutions and from there she never looked back. Having established most respected and prominent Preschool in Nashik now, Ayesha is on her way to introduce primary school very soon.

Ayesha’s education and experience caused miracles in kid’s life. Parents have experienced unbelievable transformations in kidz developments. Parent Counselling is one of the forte of Ayesha because of which Infinikidz could make contribution in special cases.

Ayesha has worked with National Association for Blind kidz, also with V. R. Ruia deaf and mute kidz. Having hands on experience of braille lipi and sign language. Currently working for ADHD, borderline autism and learning disability kidz.