About Infinikidz

Infinikidz Preschool is started in 2015 in Nashik and became the most favorite preschool for kids and most preferred choice for Parents. Infinikidz is the pioneer preschool to introduce and run successfully “Mother Toddler Program” we are the legal copy right holder for this program for North of Maharashtra.

Infinikidz is born out of years of desired research and personal experiences of study pattern used in India. Looking at the need of study patterns and confidence building in our next generation from the early age Infinikidz have decided to come up with its unique culture of Mother Toddler and Pre-School programs which deals with kidz brain and logical development.

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  • P&T Colony, Sharanpur Road, Nashik
  • Kala Nagar, Jail Road, Nashik
  • Coming Soon – Primary School with Gurukul Education Pattern