Study by Prof. More

Study Done by Prof. Prakash More


We all know today’s generation of kidz are highly talented and intelligent. A 2 years old kid knows how to operate smart phones and demand for his/her favorite things. Now what does that means when a 2 years old kid knows all these things? This simply means we need to utilize their intelligence for creating their own secured future…

Let’s see how can we create a future by using their intelligence?
Scientifically it is proven that, 90% of brain development happens between the age of 0 to 5 years. But, we generally avoid early education under the name of education burden on our kidz. We say, why to put unnecessary pressure on our kidz at this young age…. I agree when we think like that because, there are very less schools available which provides good early education, nurture the future of our kidz or utilize their talent and intelligence for creating their future.

We are fortunate enough that there are people who have thought of this as challenge and came up with various study patterns. One of the old and proven pattern of all time is Montessori concept. A blend of Montessori concept and other proven patterns create miraculous results. We will take one school from Nashik and try to see whether these concepts are really worth implementing on our kidz or not.

Infinikidz Preschool

From the age of 9 months to 5 years we can actually work with every kid based on study pattern followed by Infinikidz Preschool. Study patterns starting from 9 months is something attracted us to study this school in and out.

Infinikidz Preschool is launched by Ayesha Sarang who is Child and Adolescent Psychologist. Let’s see what a child and adolescent psychologist have to say about her study patterns which are used in Infinikidz Preschool.

Mother Toddler Program

Mother Toddler is for kidz between 9 months to 2 years and their mothers. This program is designed to bring that bond between mother and toddler. This program also caters the needs of early developments of kidz and deal with challenges of mother when comes to kidz tantrums, growing habits and achieving the milestones. The cherry on top of this program is the memories and things created by mother and toddlers together which can be cherished lifelong. Infinikidz Preschool is well equipped with modern study materials, not just books but attractive and useful gazettes which keeps the kid’z interest Intact.

Be it pre-nursery, nursery, junior KG or senior KG Infinikidz have world class study patterns and well educated trained staff. I feel Infinikidz Preschool and Ayesha Sarang understand the importance of utilizing the kidz time before the age of 5years for their brain development up to 90%.